UCLA Libraries

From illuminated medieval manuscripts to electronic scientific journals, and from rare Audubon prints to the Los Angeles Times photo archives, the UCLA Library's collections place the institution among the top ten academic research libraries in North America. Bluespark worked with UCLA Library to make some of the following prized collections more available and accessible to scholars of all stripes:

UCLA Library

Consistently ranked among the top 10 academic research libraries in North America, the UCLA Library wanted its site to also be a top of the line experience for the many different users who depend on it every day. A major redesign has extended the Library brand, and has vastly improved user experience for students and faculty, as well as for staff who maintains the site. Project details

The Strachwitz Frontera Collection of Mexican and Mexican American Recordings

Powerful search functionality and a deeper view into tens of thousands of recordings and images -- these were top priorities for the new site dedicated to making this massive collection more accessible for use in documentaries, exhibits, live presentations, and research. And now academics and aficionados can add to the historical record by contributing their own stories and memories of the music as well as the artists who brought it to life. Project details

Los Angeles Aqueduct Digital Platform

Completed in 1913, the Los Angeles Aqueduct was an engineering feat for its time. And so is this new site, which is dedicated to making the Aqueduct’s history--told in photographs, legal documents, biographies, manuscripts, maps, and timelines--more accessible and comprehensive than ever before. Project details

Chicano Studies Research Center

The CSRC is the leader in scholarly research on the Chicano-Latino population -- the largest minority group and the fastest growing population in the US. The Center needed not only a beautiful design that did justice to its vibrant special collections, journals, books, and other mixed media, but also powerful and easy access for researchers and students. Project details