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The worlds largest sticker ball, from StickerGiant

Defining a new ecommerce experience for StickerGiant

Through iterative UX design and testing, we helped grow this Forbes top ranked small business' mobile revenue by 350% in a single year. 

Client Introduction

StickerGiant is a custom label and sticker producer located in Longmont, Colorado. As a Forbes top 25 small business, the 39-person organization is 100% online, so their website is critical to their success and growth. Staying true to their culture is critical, too. In 2015, StickerGiant printed more than 800 miles of material and the company owns the world’s largest sticker ball (named Saul) and the Guinness Book of World Records recognition to go with it. And every single day, StickerGiant makes customer service a priority. 

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Since 2015, we've helped StickerGiant make significant improvements to their ecommerce journey. Their website is the main sales and conversion tool, but when we started our partnership, it was also unreliable, inconsistent, and outdated. These were some of the critical concerns: 

  • Customers were unable to create personal accounts online to access orders, track order history, or update shipping information
  • Employees had to manage most of the order flow through email because the company’s customer account system, FileMaker, only partially integrated with its website
  • The website was not mobile responsive  

The goal was to streamline the interactions to prioritize the customer experience, with an emphasis on customer service. 

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User Experience

The StickerGiant team is all about their customers and all about their metrics. When we started initial designs, we knew each new design had to produce the same or improved website results to be “accepted” or implemented as part of the design update. Simply put, there was no option to go backward. Only forward.

User Testing

Over six months, more than 500 users performed 100+ StickerGiant tasks. The desired outcomes were set using parameters, like a hot spot around a button we wanted clicked.

StickerGiant web pages with hot spots from user testing scenarios
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Oswald font family


We updated the type to the san serif Oswald font family to compliment the sharper edges of the new site design. 



We designed the site's icons using Google's material design grid as a foundation.
  • Icons now appear flatter and without shadow, which simplifies and modernizes the experience
sticker shapes
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As a set of reusable PHP components, Symfony provided a solid framework on which to develop StickerGiant's site.

Custom Enterprise Order Flow

StickerGiant uses a separate internal CRM system that needs to communicate with the company’s website in real-time so that orders and accounts stay up-to-date.

Previously, StickerGiant employees interrupted the order process to communicate with customers, send a quote, or upload a proof via email. Now, all the steps that were previously handled offline are maintained through the user’s website account, which in turn synchronises with the CRM system.

This set-up is easier for customers, who can create personal accounts on the StickerGiant website to manage their current orders, review past orders, check order status, and communicate easily with StickerGiant representatives.

Various mobile screen shots of StickerGiant website

Mobile Responsiveness

Bluespark updated the website and blog to be mobile responsive and ensure a consistent user experience on all devices. The initial results were astonishing.
  • 392% increase in mobile transactions
  • 350% increase in mobile revenue
  • 180% increase in mobile conversions


To ensure quality search engine ranking, Bluespark increased page speeds and load times. By implementing additional Google Analytics integrations, including ecommerce, Bluespark improved the overall performance, which resulted in a better user experience.

Testing data for various StickerGiant pages
Close-up of Sticker Giant's international ordering webpage

International Ordering

Bluespark implemented an international checkout system. Previously, StickerGiant only accepted orders from the U.S. and Canada. By connecting their website to a 3rd party provider, which calculates shipping, taxes, and customs costs, orders can come from anywhere in the world.

Continuous Growth

StickerGiant relies heavily on metrics while focusing entirely on its customers. We work consistently with the team to implement new testing and adjustments to ensure we're helping them meet their quarterly business goals. 

Computer screen image of StickerGiant website

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