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Feb 6 2018

Expedition Series: Mountain Standard Finds Success with Social

As part of Bluespark’s new Expedition series, where we explore the world of outdoor brands and ecommerce, I spoke with Brennah Rosenthal, the digital content director at Mountain Standard. She oversees the brand's social media, website content, email marketing, events, and more. "You name it, I've probably touched it," she said. 

Mountain Standard was founded in 2014 and is based in Boulder, Colorado. 

Feb 1 2018

Our Expedition Further into World of B2B Ecommerce

It started simply.

I was looking for a way to discover more and learn more about all things ecommerce in the outdoor retail space. Who better to talk to than the ecommerce experts?

As I pinned "education" and "listening" as two important components of this not yet fully defined project, I honed in the B2B customer journey. The relationships between brands and retailers is a crucial one. 

Jan 9 2018

Thank YOU. And a Whole Year in Really Short Review

Before moving too far into 2018, let's take a quick look back. 

After an exciting year, I’d like to thank everyone — our clients, our peers, the Drupal community, and the hard workers at Bluespark — for making it awesome. As a digital agency, we’re successful when we produce high caliber work and our clients are happy. And we really truly want our clients to be happy.  

Nov 16 2017

How Abstract Helped the Bluespark Team Increase Productivity by 30%

Collaborating with design teams regardless of being a remote employee has always been a challenge when it comes to workflow, file management and team collaboration.

As designers we all have our own workflows and have cobbled together solutions to try and alleviate the age old problem of overwriting each other’s files while still having the flexibility to explore ideas independently.

Oct 24 2017

My Virtual Office: Interning From A Dorm Room

As I sit down to write this blog post, a couple things stand out to me.

First, the overwhelming, almost annoying, abundance of NC State-themed decorations surrounding me. Second, the fact that I’m not in some cubicle looking at a blank computer screen wondering what to do with myself.

Those small observations, in essence, will begin my overall promotion and advocacy for the growing “virtual office” trend. 


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