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Apr 4 2017

Bluespark Heads to DrupalCon Baltimore

Since 2009 (Bluespark founding) we’ve been using Drupal and attending DrupalCons. This year, about half of the Bluespark team will be at DrupalCon Baltimore. And we’re proud to support the event — and community — as silver sponsors.

Mar 21 2017

Libraries, Design, and Innovation: "Designing for Digital" Brings it All Together

Since 2015, Designing for Digital has brought librarians, academics, designers, developers, strategists, and innovators together in Austin, Texas, to share and collaborate.

Bluespark has attended the conference the previous two years but this is the first year members of our team are presenting. 

(This is also the first year our President and Founder Michael Tucker, is calling himself an official resident of Austin. He just moved there!)

Mar 16 2017

Bluespark Welcomes New Frontend Developer

It wasn't really farfetched to think Autumn might find her way into technology because she grew up around computers — her father is a software developer. It was when she was fourteen, though, that her own interest really took hold.

She started playing with HTML and CSS through games and forums and just kept going. She joined developer networks and began building relationships in the community. 

Feb 13 2017

Ensuring a Seamless Checkout Process

The most important measure of an ecommerce site is its sales. If people put items into their shopping cart, go through checkout, and pay, that's a success. If they abandon the cart without buying, something has gone wrong. Not only is that a missed sale, it could be a potential customer who was too frustrated to come back again.

Feb 6 2017

Building Relationships: Our Company Retreat in Morocco

Last week our team was in Marrakech, Morocco for a company retreat.  

Since we're a company with international employees and no office, it makes sense to meet ... well, anywhere, really. We collaborate and communicate every single day, but we don't get a chance to go out to dinner and chat in person as much as some coworkers might. 


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