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    Data & Analytics

    We identify challenges, define success, and establish measurable outcomes.
Our Data & Analytics Expertise

"We need data to know where we started, how we're improving, and where we want to go. Benchmarks help us and our clients measure success and adjust for growth."  - Karl Schlatzer, Chief Customer Officer 

At Bluespark, we encourage the exchange of information, because information is what allows us to be knowledgeable, aware, and responsive.  

By collecting data (and encouraging our clients to prioritize this process), we can ensure that the projects we work on, ideas we have, and changes we make are all informed. But tracking and monitoring data is not a singular task to complete in JIRA. Regular collection, measurement, and adjustment allows for more strategic decision-making and better outcomes.

It is a continual process and we strive to keep it so. 


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