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Disc golf team

A powerful global membership system to help PDGA grow

Since 2012, we've helped PDGA's digital ecosystem scale to accommodate more than 100,000 members. 

Services used on this project

Client Introduction

The Professional Disc Golf Association coordinates players and tournament directors worldwide. Which means the website facilitates payment for numerous registration situations while offering a comprehensive course and player directory. The goal of this project was to identify all sign-up and check-out options, design a user experience that addressed each of them while ensuring a simplistic and efficient process, and ensure that PDGA could grow well past it's 100,000 members.

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In order to become an official PDGA player, you pay an annual fee for a membership, which is based on your player category and country of residence. The website also houses each player’s history.

Before beginning development, our UX team analyzed different membership purchasing workflows in order to design the most streamlined solution. This involved collecting a wide variety of information mandatory to membership initialization and renewal.

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Ecommerce Development

To begin, we integrated the pre-existing membership database with Drupal Commerce and MySQL. Then we designed the checkout process to improve information gathering and account creation. Some important features include:
  • Automated user account creation
  • Custom checkout flow to fit the unique UX design
  • Custom multi-step process for new and renewed memberships
  • Custom membership expiration set-up
Membership order and payment page
"Join PDGA" membership page

Membership Development

We developed the membership system around the complex registration and check-out process.
  • Designed an automated test that allowed us to define different purchase scenarios
  • Tested more than 200 ecommerce scenarios in under five hours

Project Management

Bluespark project managers have executed numerous PDGA projects over two years, helping to implement new design, development, and experience.  Our team works closely with PDGA to ensure regular maintenance is planned — and completed — annually.

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