Case Study: Roomify: Open source booking for travel sites

Consider this: 65% of online travelers start with search engines to find a hotel. But when they try to book directly on the hotel’s web site, they often get kicked into a third party solution that doesn’t offer an ideal user experience.

Roomify is the answer for hotels, vacation rentals and B&Bs—an online booking solution that allows your guests to book online—and allows you to control your own data.

While there are many proprietary solutions available, Bluespark’s Roomify (aka Drupal Rooms) delivers online booking and room management the open source way—meaning powerful, cost-effective, and flexible, and shaped by a worldwide group of users and developers.

With over 30,000 downloads and known installations on over 500 sites worldwide, Roomify is changing how accommodations, attractions, and events are booked online.

Roomify At Work

We built Roomify with the hotel and B&B market in mind. But hospitals, national professional associations, and owners of individual rental properties are using it, too. That flexibility is the great advantage of open source. Below are just a few examples of Roomify at work.

Elk Lake Lodge

With Roomify, guests at Elk Lake Lodge now search for room availability by start and end date, number of adults and children, and by specific bookable units—rooms in the main lodge verses one of the cottages. Other features include on-the-fly pricing calculations based on group size—including number of adults, number and ages of children, variable rates for minimum/maximum occupancy, partial deposits, taxes—which change over time—standard gratuity fees, seasonal rates, pricing per person/per night, and pricing based on how many days are booked. All online, 24/7.

Birds of a Feather B&B

Birds of a Feather B&B offers its guests a choice of three spacious, condo-style suites close to Victoria but with on-your-doorstep access to hiking and beachcombing. The B&B owners wanted a booking tool that would allow guests to search for reservations by date, by current availability, and by suite—since two suites are designed for families and one is perfect for honeymooners Roomify’s online calendar provides color coding (red for “booked” and green for “available”), making it easy for potential guests to select dates for their Birds of a Feather getaway. Registered guests have upgraded access to more calendar details, including the ability to click backwards in time to see past calendar information.

Other Use Cases

ItalyXP, in Rome Italy, is a unique local travel company brokering experiences in the Roman region. Do you need a guide to show you around the markets of Rome? Or do you want to set up a wine tasting? ItalyXP finds these local experiences and helps you discover geat things to do while in Rome. Site visitors search, select, book, and pay for a unique Roman experience.

Ottowa Hospital is a teaching hospital established in established in 1845 which serves a diverse population in the Ontario area. It uses Roomify to reserve accommodations for family members of patients. Roomify also integrates with the hospital's VOIP system so that within the hospital's internal web site, family members can click on a room number to call a patient.

Do you have a unique use case? Let us know!

Why Roomify?

Do you want a solution you can control and customize, cost-effectively?

  • Create rooms and assign availability (or on-hold states) via a calendar.
  • Define pricing across date ranges or just for individual nights.
  • Create bookings and keep customer records.
  • Allow guests to search for availability with a calendar, offering both immediate bookings and confirmation bookings.
  • Bulk-manage availability and pricing.
  • Offer on-site sales and manage records (with Drupal Commerce).
  • Define complex pricing rules depending on your business requirements (single occupancy discount, child surcharge).

The result:

  • Reduce commission fees. Are you sending people to OTA’s (online travel agencies) or third-party software when they come to your site to book? Then you’re giving money away. How much money could you save if your customers could book through your site?
  • Know what your guests want. When customers book your accommodations on third-party sites, you have no idea how they found you, what they looked at, or how long they spent considering you. With Roomify, you’ll have that data and more, giving you the information you need to make better decisions on promotions, pricing, amenities and more.
  • Get your booking information right. Guests hate it when OTA’s display wrong information about your accommodations. So get it right on your site, from availability to amenities to pricing — always accurate and up to date.
  • Grow your business. Roomify is easy to use — for you and your guests. And it’s easy to update. You’ll spend less time managing your bookings and more time promoting your business, growing your brand, and enjoying your life.

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