The Bluespark Approach to Ecommerce Website Design and Development
A Holistic Approach to Ecommerce Website Design and Development

At Bluespark, we work on ecommerce projects in much the same way we do any other project. We use an iterative and personalized process that emphasizes discovery, design, development, and project management.

We utilize an approach, not a product. This approach prioritizes learning, engagement, communication, and efficiency in order to emphasize customer engagement and content management. We find it’s the most comprehensive way to improve an ecommerce ecosystem.


A Customer-Centered Approach

With your help, we analyze your customers and their journey. Then we design an ecommerce system to encourage engagement, generate insights, and improve sales specifically for your business.

A Comprehensive Content Strategy

Content is key to a successful ecommerce engagement platform. So, we make sure that content — and the content management system — is part of your ecommerce structure from the very beginning.

A Streamlined Software Structure

Aligning customer buying needs with your technology systems can be the catalyst for real growth. We first help identify how your orders, inventory, and customer accounts need to integrate, and then we design a scalable solution that simplifies everything.


At Bluespark, we are Drupal experts — and we choose Drupal for a reason. Drupal is a powerful content management system and a flexible application framework that is used by more than one million sites worldwide. We find it’s an excellent foundation to build on. It’s flexible. It’s scalable. And it’s open.

Obermeyer Innovates Again: Legendary Brand Prioritizes B2B Ecommerce

The Obermeyer project began with a broad set of challenges, including three separate websites, three distinct audiences, and an independent ERP and B2B ordering systems. The goal was to optimize Obermeyer’s digital processes and consolidate their connections with customers through a single, well-integrated platform.

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Customizing an Ecommerce and Membership Web Experience

The Professional Disc Golf Association coordinates players and tournament directors worldwide. This means that the website needs to facilitate payment for numerous registration situations while offering a comprehensive course and player directory. The goal of this project was to identify all sign-up and check-out options and design a user experience that addressed each of them while ensuring a simplistic and efficient process.

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