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Thank You to Our Friends and Clients

In classic end-of-the-year fashion, it’s time to take a look back at 2016.

After an exciting year, I’d like to thank everyone — our clients, our peers, the Drupal community, and the hard workers at Bluespark — for making it so successful. As a digital agency, we’re successful when we produce high caliber work and our clients are happy. And we really truly want our clients to be happy.  

So, I appreciate all of our clients who trusted us with their businesses and projects and allowed us to become part of their teams. I hope that many — if not all — of these long-term relationships will remain and that new ones will continue.

From Raleigh, North Carolina — and together with all the Bluespark members from around the world — I raise a glass to everyone who made the year so much fun. Thank you.

Here are some highlights from 2016:

We Grew … Purposely

For a long time Bluespark has been a team of 10-15 people. We made a decision in 2015 that we wanted to do more, which meant expanding our professional services team. We created some key roles to support that team including a CFO, a marketing strategist, and a director of business development. We also brought on five senior-level developers. Not only did this help us grow in size but we expanded our knowledge and culture. Our new employees are from Colorado, North Carolina, Hungary, Spain, and Trinidad and Tobago.

We Launched the First Drupal 8 Ecommerce Site

It was — and still is — a real pleasure working with Obermeyer, the Colorado-based ski company. In September 2016, we launched their B2C ecommerce site using Drupal 8 and Drupal Commerce. We are continuing work on their ecommerce and corporate system and will be collaborating with them well into 2017.

We Attended New Events

Three members from the Bluespark team traveled to Salt Lake City in August for the Outdoor Retailer Summer Show. It was a blast. We met a number of incredible outdoor companies and the great people working for them. We learned a lot there, too, and look forward to attending for our second time in January 2017.

In October, COO Ashleigh Thevenet presented about project management at All Things Open. We work closely with Red Hat, the company that supports this event, but it was Bluespark’s first time attending and presenting. It was a great experience and we look forward to repeating it again in 2017!

In December, Drupal Engineer Pedro Lozano had a great time at SymfonyCon in Berlin.

We Attended Drupal Events

Drupal and our relationship with the Drupal community is incredibly important to us. We had a team retreat in New Orleans and attended the NOLA DrupalCon. In September, some of our team traveled to DrupalCon Dublin, too.  Bluespark will always have a presence in this community.

We Worked with Previous Clients

We are so grateful for our well-established relationships. Some of these partnerships with clients (like UCLA and Indiana University) have existed for many years, and we really treasure them for both the people they are and the interesting project work that we collaborate on with them. Our relationships with these teams are deep and we have become more efficient in working together. And it’s fun for all of us.


Thank you and happy holidays. We hope you have the best 2017 you possibly can!





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