Successful UX and Integrations Increase B2B Conversions
Successful UX and Integrations Increase Conversions

In just one year, Obermeyer’s new web ecosystem increased customer referrals to its dealers by more than 250%.

The Obermeyer project began with a broad set of challenges, including three separate websites, three distinct audiences, and independent ERP and B2B ordering systems. The goal was to optimize Obermeyer’s digital processes and consolidate their connections with customers through a single, well-integrated platform. Working with Drupal 8 and Drupal Commerce 2.x, the Bluespark team — along with Commerce Guys — designed and developed an enterprise ecommerce solution to facilitate a friction-free purchasing experience for B2C, B2B, and VIP audiences alike. One site to rule them all.

Here are some results.

  • Reduced multi-step B2B ordering process
  • Improved B2B order tracking and delivery (improved merchandising control)
  • Increased dealer self-sufficiency (and prioritized dealer relationship)

Let us tell you the story of how we got here.

User Experience

The Obermeyer commerce system is unique. To meet the needs of each audience — or user group — we prioritized user experience throughout the design process. Here is what we had to consider: B2C users complete final purchases on one of Obermeyer’s 3rd party dealer websites; B2B users buy product through Obermeyer’s website with purchase orders (no cash transactions); and VIP users are provided discounts on items that can be purchased directly from Obermeyer in exchange for completing a brief online training.

Interaction Requirements

We created detailed interaction documents that described the behavior of design elements. This ensured that the designs were smoothly handed off to the development team for implementation.

User Interface Design


We set out to ensure the font choices selected would work well for both online and offline media. After dozens of tests, we selected Maven Pro because of its readability, ideal kerning, unique curvature, and flowing rhythm.


Conveying a lot of information with a simple visual enhances our understanding and allows humans to process content more quickly. The Obermeyer Iconography set uses outlines in an effort to limit distractions and provide visual hierarchy.


We started by swapping out the old engine

Technology Consolidation

We merged three separate websites from Drupal 6 into a single site on Drupal 8. We leveraged Drupal's flexibility to craft custom experiences for each audience on top of a single commerce platform.


  • Seamless inventory and shopping cart integration with 3rd party dealer sites
  • Product merchandising and recommendation tools
  • Updated UI/UX and responsive mobile experience


  • Tailored experience for B2B buyers
  • Ordering capability for multiple stores and locations
  • ERP & PLM systems integration for inventory, pricing, and order submission


  • Discounts on products with sales associate training
  • One-time discounts for friends, family, and industry professionals
  • Payment gateway integration for online payments

Introducing a Site That’s Built for Growth

By consolidating and integrating formerly disconnected applications on top of a solid, endlessly flexible platform, Obermeyer is well-positioned to grow with their current system. With Drupal 8 and Drupal Commerce 2.x, Obermeyer can continue its tradition of innovation and customer service.

Project Management

As with all Bluespark projects, project transparency was important from the start. Our internal team of project managers planned dozens of development sprints, hundreds of meetings with key stakeholders, both internally and externally, and ran continuous risk management strategies to ensure the MVP was delivered on time. Every step in this process was visible to the client to help sustain communication and build long-term trust.

Resources Flawlessly Planned and Executed

Continuous Risk Management

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