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Pablo Cerda holding Acquia certificate

Senior Developer Earns Acquia's Drupal 8 Certification

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We're excited to announce that Pablo Cerda, a senior Bluespark developer based in Spain, recently received Acquia's Drupal 8 certification, a Grand Master Comprehensive Certification level. 

While Bluespark has been leading in Drupal development since 2009, Acquia's certification program is a "trusted benchmark" in the industry. And as an Acquia partner, it's important for us to support both communities — Acquia and Drupal — while showcasing our own capabilities. 

From the Acquia website

"Digital agencies & Acquia Partners use Acquia Certification to reduce risk by validating skills of prospective hires. Our Certification program ensure your developers all meet a standard bar of skills across knowledge domains; fielding a Certified team differentiates you in the marketplace and helps you win business." 

A little more about Pablo:

Born and raised in Mexico City, Pablo now lives with his wife and son on the Mediterranean coast in south-eastern Spain. 

He taught himself to program websites as a teenager, started—and successfully handed off—two small companies before his twenty-first birthday, and designed a Content Management System (CMS) from the ground up.

Building that CMS figures prominently into Pablo’s professional and personal life. Professionally, the ins and outs of building a CMS opened his eyes to fully appreciate Drupal when he encountered it later. “Compared to Drupal, I didn’t create such a great CMS, but I did meet my wife because of it,” Pablo laughs. “She was a very active contributor and author in the community I helped create. And that’s how we met.”

Pablo has been a leader on numerous academic and ecommerce Bluespark projects, partnering with clients including, UCLA, TripAdvisor, Obermeyer, the Professional Disc Golf Association, and Indiana University Libraries. He completed the first ever implementation of PayPal Express Checkout payment method for Drupal Commerce and has contributed to numerous Drupal projects over his tenure with the Drupal community

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