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Pablo Cerda

Pablo Cerda

Drupal Engineer | Alicante, Spain

"Pablo taught himself to program websites as a teenager, started —and successfully handed off —two small companies before his twenty-first birthday, and designed a Content Management System (CMS) from the ground up."

About Pablo

Born and raised in Mexico City, Pablo Cerda now lives with his wife and sons on the Mediterranean coast in south-eastern Spain. 

Pablo’s path to Bluespark has been quite circuitous. After three trips across the Atlantic Ocean—Pablo lived and programmed in Spain for a time before moving back in 2016—and networking with Bluespark staff at DrupalCon events in London, Chicago, and Madrid, Pablo then joined the Bluespark team as a Drupal Developer. Drupal became his hobby and passion while he was working on GIS related projects.

Much of Pablo's drive stemmed from his excitement for computing. He taught himself to program websites as a teenager, started—and successfully handed off—two small companies before his twenty-first birthday, and designed a Content Management System (CMS) from the ground up.

Building that CMS figures prominently into Pablo’s professional and personal life. Professionally, the ins and outs of building a CMS opened his eyes to fully appreciate Drupal when he encountered it later. “Compared to Drupal, I didn’t create such a great CMS, but I did meet my wife because of it,” Pablo laughs. “She was a very active contributor and author in the community I helped create. And that’s how we met.”

The only problem? He lived in Mexico and she lived in Spain.

Fast forward a few years. Pablo and his bride were living in Madrid and Pablo had turned his programming hobby into a full-time job with large, multinational companies like Telefónica, Altran, ideup!, and Alcampo. It was during his two-year stint with consulting firm Altran in Spain that Pablo first encountered Drupal. Pablo says that working with large, professional teams “showed me best practices and methodologies, taught me about process and communication, gave me contact with big clients, and gave me experience working with a large development team.” All of those skills transfer directly to the work he now does for Bluespark clients and the way he collaborates with the Bluespark team. 

As a Bluespark developer, Pablo has worked on a number of library and e-commerce projects including Flamenco Tickets, where he did the first ever implementation of PayPal Express Checkout payment method for Drupal Commerce; TripAdvisor where he led an effort to create a multi-language search functionality for more than 30 languages; and Sport Obermeyer which is one of the very first Drupal Commerce 2​ projects in Drupal 8​.

Also attracted to statistics and data mining, Pablo has taught himself about R programming languages where he does data exploration related mainly to financial markets using libraries like:

  • Quantmod (to analyze algorithmic trading strategies)
  • Genetic Algorithms ​(that help test for an intelligent approach to the optimal solution)
  • Ggplot2 (a library for visual data exploration that graphs data in different ways in order to uncover possible patterns)

When he’s not working, he spends time with his family. He also writes poetry, watches movies on the weekends, and reads books about his first love: computers. Lately, he’s been reading about artificial intelligence, advanced algorithms, statistics, and data mining.

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