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Ask: What can you remove?

Filed Under: Design, Best Practices
How often do you get stuck on a design problem? For me, it usually happens when we go from the concept of a thing to the first version of the wireframes. Yes, it made some sense to group these 10 things together, but from a design standpoint, we find that the page layout doesn’t work. Maybe there are too many things on the page. Or maybe there are too many DIFFERENT things on the page. Or, maybe, through the process of design, we realize that those things shouldn’t have been grouped together in the first place. Regardless of the reason, the best way out of these predicaments is not usually forward; it’s backward. Rather than continue to fight the design and try to squeeze everything into the available pixels, maybe you should ask: what can I remove to make this page simpler?
UX Director, Principal UX Designer, Strategist
Rick has been designing user experiences since 1999 and managing UX teams since 2005. As a leader, he helps people be the best designer they can. He continues to consult, having led engagements with universities like Emory University, UNC, UCLA, and University of Minnesota as well as mission-driven companies like RedHat, Stickergiant, and Obermeyer.

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