5 Ways to Get More Project Management Content into Drupalcon Sessions

Last week I asked the question "Do you want a PM day at Drupalcon?" and a lot of you answered via twitter, email and comments -- thanks for your feedback!

The over all result of this very informal, very small poll was a 50-50 split between "Yes, we want a PM day that would be GREAT!" and, "I think more sessions would make me happy".

PhotobucketHere's the latest news on this front: it's too soon for a full PM day at Munich. (We're as yet unsure of the demand, and the organizers aren't able to do it this time around.) But that's not the end of our quest, oh no. If you, like me, wanted to see more project management oriented content at Denver and are planning to attend Munich, then I have a question for you:

Have you submitted a session?

(*cough* http://munich2012.drupal.org/call-for-papers *cough*)

If we want to see more PM content at Drupalcons, then we need to submit more sessions! I know that there are loads of project managers out there with tips and strategies for leading successful projects, and I want to learn from you. DRUPAL PM's UNITE!

Here are 5 ways you can contribute to getting better project management content at Drupalcon:

  • Obviously: WRITE YOUR OWN SESSION AND SUBMIT IT!!!!!... eh-hem...That'd be great... (ideas for you below!)
  • Tap your PM friends and ask them to submit a session
  • Tweet or Facebook about the need for more content and provide the link to submit
  • Write up some ideas for Drupal problems you'd like PM's to solve (maybe someone will present about it!)
  • Write to people who have submitted at past cons, ask that they submit again

PhotobucketI've got a lot of things I'd like to learn about, and some things I'd like to present about; obviously, I can't do them all. In the spirit of getting some lightbulbs above your heads and a fire under your bums, here are some sessions I'm developing, and some ideas for you to steal below. I hope you'll run wild with them and make some *awesome* presentations to submit to Drupalcon Munich and beyond! (Please feel free to add your own requests/ideas for sessions, maybe someone will do it?!)

Here are some sessions I'm hatching ideas for:

  • Drupal Risk Management: Common Drupal project risks and how to mitigate them
  • Watergile for Drupal: Hybrid PM Tips & Techniques for Agile + Waterfall Projects
  • Drupal Resources: How to PM Volunteer Projects
  • Drupal Iterations: An agile process case study
  • Drupal Estimation Panel: Tips and Techniques for Estimating S/M/L projects
  • Drupal Estimation: Did you forget something? (things we should estimate, but often don't)

Here are some ideas I'm not doing that I hope someone else will!

  • Before You Win: Project Estimation and Assessment
  • Drupal Assumptions: Common Assumptions that Kill Projects (and how to educate your clients)
  • Drupal Planning Case Study: Lessons Learned from a Drupal PM
  • Drupal Project Reporting: The Good and Bad News about Reporting Progress
  • Drupal Projects: Good, Bad & Ugly -- what do we love and hate about Drupal projects
  • Project Management: We're not so bad. Reasons why your Drupal project needs a PM!
  • Photobucket

Hopefully these things will help you to spark your own ideas and get more submissions out there.

Let's make Munich the *BEST* con for PM's yet!

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