Work at Bluespark

Thinking of working at Bluespark? Here are a few things to help you make up your mind:

1. We build web experiences - we take a well-rounded approach with team members dedicated to user experience, web user interface , professional software development, and project management. Our team has internationally recognized expertise and we are fortunate to work with some of the world’s most prestigious organizations.

2. We are a distributed company - each person works from home and manages their own schedule. We don't just do this out of necessity, but because we believe in allowing people to live the life they want, where they want and enabling them to do the work they want.

3. We are not just about consulting, we are also working on our own products. Check out Rooms and ITALY Magazine. We practice what we preach.

4. We really love what we do! We want to do it to the best of our abilities and strongly believe in constantly improving through community involvement, training, sharing information with each other and just because we are generally curious. We give back to Drupal all the time.

5. We value and respect all members of Bluespark, we enjoy working together and having fun together. We get the whole team together a few times a year, typically around Drupal conferences and events, and with the foodies in the team some great dinners are always a feature!

6. We are partial to a pun or two... or three. Especially when accompanied by an animated gif ;-)

7. We believe in individual responsibility and trust each member of the team to behave accordingly. That is why we have flexible working hours and holiday policies.

8. We are family friendly - we understand that working from home also means working with your family around. We enjoy when they show up and say hi on a Google Hangout while we are in a team meeting. That is how most of the company first gets introduced to new additions to our families and lives (babies, dogs, cats or plants) and it is always great fun!

9. We believe in working smart (and not just hard) and that it is equally important to enjoy the rest of life.

Interested? Drop us a line at