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Roomify Update: Build your own Airbnb with Drupal

The latest update of the Rooms module, which powers Roomify, just got one of the most asked-for features!

It is now possible for individual users to manage just their own group of bookable units (Rooms-speak for a single unit that can be rented out) while administrators can have a more global view across multiple properties and all bookable units.

With the new features in place you can now have someone login to your Drupal site, manage the availability of their own unit and create or review associated bookings. People looking to book can, instead, book any unit that is listed on the site. Does that remind you of any site? Yes - you now have the core tools available to build your very own, Airbnb or regional multi-property tourism site (DMO), fully integrated with Drupal and Drupal Commerce.

If you are a company managing a number of different vacation rentals you now have, for the first time ever, a Drupal-based open-source solution. Rooms will allow you to manage your properties and the relationship with property owners in a single platform and that platform also happens to be one of the most powerful content management systems available, powering sites as diverse as and

There is still work to do, especially with respect to testing, so please download Rooms-7.x-1.x (i.e. the dev version) and try it out! We are truly excited by the possibilities and what this means for Drupal in travel.

In the coming days and weeks we will be posting tutorials, guides and examples of how to setup Rooms for multiple owners and we look forward to talking with anyone interested in this both online and at Drupalcon Austin.

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