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Recently, Bluespark UX Strategist Mark Dodgson was invited to speak with Michael Schofield, frontend librarian and host of the LibUX podcast, a show focused around design, development, and user experience in libraries and higher-ed web. This particular episode focuses on user experience and Bluespark's proven design and development process.

Here are some highlights from the podcast which runs just under 25 minutes:

  • Design: "After we have the rough sketches, we present them to the client. And it is literally rough drawings of every step of the phase or project ... it helps us and our clients prioritize features."
  • Audience: "[Libraries] have so many internal stakeholders. You have different departments and you have stakeholders in each of those departments ... understanding where the [decision makers] want to be helps us make recommendations for future phases."
  • Drupal: "It's flexible enough to power anything you want it to." 
  • Transparency: "The reality is you are probably not going to have the budget to do everything all at once but what we can do is potentially help you build an MVP and plan for future phases that are going to improve your site over time."

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About LibUX: LibUX provides design and development consultancy for user experience departments and library web teams. From rationalizing the design process, working together as a team, sustainable workflow or content strategies, to writing maintainable and performant code.

About Bluespark: Bluespark is a global digital agency with a focus on open source technologies, like Drupal. Our philosophy is centered on a well-rounded approach, with team members dedicated to user experience (UX), web user interface (UI), mobile UI (MUI), professional software development, and project management.


UX Director, Principal UX Designer, Strategist
Rick has been designing user experiences since 1999 and managing UX teams since 2005. As a leader, he helps people be the best designer they can. He continues to consult, having led engagements with universities like Emory University, UNC, UCLA, and University of Minnesota as well as mission-driven companies like RedHat, Stickergiant, and Obermeyer.

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