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DrupalCon 2016 Bluespark Emblem

Bluespark's Ashleigh Thevenet and Kyle Theobald have the opportunity to present at DrupalCon New Orleans this year. We will be presenting on serving clients better via healthy dynamics between the sales and project management departments. One of the things we've noticed across all agency experience is that this can be a very difficult dynamic to get right and will be presenting some ideas on how to make this better. We'd like to welcome you to attend this presentation, which promises to be both light-hearted and informative.

The session will be held on Wednesday the 11th of May at 3:15pm in room 263. See actual DrupalCon page for this presentation.


The natural tension between the project management office and the sales team is a balancing force in an agency.  However, without the right heart, tools, and priorities, it is most likely the number one reason why an agency fails to thrive. And it is possible to have healthy relationship where both teams understand each other’s priorities and cooperate to serve the client as seamless and surprise-less of an experience as possible.  

Some of the questions that will be answered during the talk:

  • Why this subject is likely the number one reason agencies fail or succeed to thrive?

  • What are some of the tensions that exist and where do they come from?

  • What are the priorities of each department and how does that lend to the problems we see?

  • How does the handling of intra-company communications affect the outcome for the client?

  • What are the tools and approaches that make this better for everyone?

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