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New Orleans

DrupalCon 2016: New Orleans: Small Talks

One of Bluespark's key discussion points in planning for DrupalCon this year has been how we can bring more value. One of the things we did in the past was to host 5 minute mini-talks at our booth during the coffee breaks to run through specific experience we have gained through the work we do. Based on feedback we received from these talks, we decided to do the same thing again this year, and we're excited about the topics we've selected. They are especially for universities and libraries, or any organizations focused on education and with a larger number of stakeholders and a more difficult decision-making process. 

Bluespark mini-talks at our booth at DrupalCon 2016

Date Time Topic (Calendar Link)  
Tuesday (May 10th) 10:45 AM Taking Your Digital Collections Online
3:30 AM Finding Common Ground with User Testing (and reducing costs while you're at it)
Wednesday (May 11th) 10:45 AM Finding Common Ground with User Testing (and reducing costs while you're at it)
3:30 AM Taking Your Digital Collections Online
Thursday (May 12th) 10:45 AM Holacrazy - Adventures Building a Kick-ass Self-Governing Company


We're excited to see you at DrupalCon!


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