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Bluespark Ranks Among Top 10 Ecommerce and Web Development Companies

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Did you know?

Bluespark is ranked among the top 10 web development and ecommerce development firms by Web Design Rankings, an independent ranking organization made up of experienced web design professionals. 

To remind us of how we got where we are today, we always glance back (in this case, to what Michael Tucker was up to in the '90s.)

“When I was a student at Colorado State University, I started buying and selling fly fishing gear over the Internet with a very simple website," said Michael. "It was 1992 and, though I didn't’t know it at the time, my little website was one of the first ecommerce and social media sites ever. It was an early online community and had user-generated content—even before there were such concepts.”

When the Cowles Media Company bought the site in 1997, Michael moved to North Carolina and spent the next 12 years working in the web services and software development industries.

Michael Tucker launched Bluespark in 2009. He says, “It was a return to what I know how to do best.”

It was also a return to building and being a part of online communities. Of course, by 2009 everyone was talking about online communities, social media, content management systems, open source and user-generated content. And Bluespark clients were asking for these kinds of capabilities.

“A typical Bluespark client,” said Michael, “needs a highly functional, CMS-driven social site. There are usually a large number of registered users who need to use the site for a variety of reasons and in a variety of roles.

These users are often performing actual work in the context of the web. And there is very often an element of ecommerce somewhere in the mix.”

Today the Bluespark team lives and works in 6 countries and 6 times zones, from Los Angeles to Budapest. Team members are fluent in five languages including English, French, Spanish, Hungarian, and Haitian Creole.

President and Founder
Although Michael Tucker’s career in web technology began with an interest in the outdoors, it was then—and is now—all about community.