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Oct 20 2014

Uninstalling and purging field modules all at once

Sometimes we want to uninstall a module from our Drupal site but we can't do it because we get this dependency: "Required by: Drupal (Field type(s) in use - see Field list)". Even if you delete the fields provided by the module via the UI or programmatically by executing field_delete_field() function, you will get a new dependency "Required by: Drupal (Fields pending deletion)".

To avoid such situations and regain control, you can perform all these tasks in a hook_update_N() function, forcing the deletion of all the information and finally uninstalling the module.

Sep 19 2014

Removing traces from our repository history

In our daily work we all make mistakes in our git commits. Sometimes this errors can easily be repaired just by reverting our commits. But if we are working in a public repository and we have accidentally pushed some sensitive information, we now have a problem.

BFG Repo-Cleaner provides a faster and easier way to clean git repositories that will save your day.

Roomify Update: Build your own Airbnb with Drupal

The latest update of the Rooms module, which powers Roomify, just got one of the most asked-for features!

It is now possible for individual users to manage just their own group of bookable units (Rooms-speak for a single unit that can be rented out) while administrators can have a more global view across multiple properties and all bookable units.

Apr 21 2014

Bluespark Welcomes New Senior Developer

headshotBluespark welcomes a new addition to our team, Pablo López Escobés, a senior Drupal developer with expertise in Javascript and GIS systems. A Drupal member since 2008, Lopez brings broad experience in Drupal development and site architecture.

New JavaScript libraries in Drupal 8

A few new JavaScript libraries have made their way into Drupal 8 core code, the same way jQuery once did. This blog post examines the reasoning behind each inclusion, and explains how they are intended to be used.


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