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Feb 4 2016

Sonia Rakotomantsoa joins Bluespark UX Team

Sonia Rakotomantsoa photoSonia Rakotomantsoa has always pushed herself to try new things. A native of Paris, she moved to London eight years ago to experience a different culture and master English. As an undergraduate, she studied computer science, building on that with a masters concentrating on what was then called human computer interaction, now referred to as user experience design, and artificial intelligence.

Jan 13 2016

A Bluespark Welcome for Jason Goulet, Project Manager

Jason Goulet photoJason Goulet began his career at Apple, where he built experience in project development and tracking, maintaining effective communications between teams, and analyzing key metrics to ensure on-time, on-budget project delivery. In short, over his 5+ years at Apple, Jason became a very effective project manager.

Aug 10 2015

Bluespark Welcomes Senior Developer Fran Seva

Bluespark is thrilled to welcome Francisco Seva, our newest senior developer, to our team. Fran is a native of Seville, Spain, attended the University of Seville with a degree in computer science, and now resides in his hometown with his fiancée and their two dogs.

May 8 2015

Ready for DrupalCon LA?

We are. The Bluespark team is heading west, and looking forward to meeting you at DrupalCon LA.

Stop by Bluespark (Booth 808) for swag, good cheer, and the following five-minute presentations coinciding with coffee breaks—think of these as a shot of espresso in your Drupal. :)

Tuesday, May 12:

10:15 am coffee break -- Bluespark UX director Rick Cecil will discuss "Engagement Strategy: Giving Your Organization Clarity and Focus.”

Feb 12 2015

Engagement Strategy: a unified vision of success

Facebook. Twitter. Instagram. Pinterest. Mailing lists. Website. Blog. Comments. Calendar. Forums. Mobile. Web. Apps. Tablets. Phones. Content Strategy. Marketing Strategy. Experience Strategy. Brand Strategy. Web Analytics. Contextual Inquiry. Market research. Usability Testing. Interaction Design. Information Architecture. UI Design. SEO. Landing Page Design. User Experience. Creative Design...

And the list goes on.

Feb 9 2015

What’s your budget? No, seriously, tell us your budget.

It’s time we had a difficult conversation. I think you’re old enough. We’ve been dancing around this issue for far too long.

We really, really need to know your budget.

I know. It’s scary. It’s a big leap of faith to tell someone your project budget up front. But it could significantly increase the quality of proposals you receive — and save you a lot of time reviewing proposals from companies that would never be a great fit for you.

Jan 22 2015

Start your content + commerce revolution

Shifting to a content-driven commerce focus is a daunting challenge.

Whether you are a media company adding commerce to your site or a retail site wanting to add richer editorial, there are very different skillsets required to sell product versus those needed for writing and curating content. How do you successfully blend these skillsets — much less these seemingly disparate websites — into a single, cohesive whole?

It ain’t easy, but it’s worth it.


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