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Dec 21 2016

Thank You to Our Friends and Clients

In classic end-of-the-year fashion, it’s time to take a look back at 2016.

After an exciting year, I’d like to thank everyone — our clients, our peers, the Drupal community, and the hard workers at Bluespark — for making it so successful. As a digital agency, we’re successful when we produce high caliber work and our clients are happy. And we really truly want our clients to be happy.  

Dec 16 2016

Bluespark Welcomes New VP of Sales Development

2016 has been a year of growth for Bluespark.

We added a number of new positions including CFO, marketing strategist, and Drupal developers, and now, we welcome new VP of Sales Development, Daniel Paul. Daniel brings with him a variety of technology, entertainment, and business experience from large organizations like Apple and Disney to smaller agencies like IMM and Pyxl.

Nov 29 2016

Bluespark Welcomes Jennifer Knox as Support and QA Manager

Jennifer's relationship with Bluespark started differently than most. She used to be a client. Working on TripAdvisor Insight's marketing team, she collaborated closely with Bluespark to ensure TripAdvisor's CMS upgrade, and subsequent redesign, was a success. She now brings this valuable client perspective to the Bluespark team.

Nov 22 2016

Access Control on University Library Websites

Who is allowed to access an academic library's website? This often turns out to be a complicated question. Copyrighted materials are often licensed only for use within the institution, or just to select groups. Authenticating users and determining authorization involves more than just getting a user ID and a password.

Keeping things simple by hiding the complexity

Nov 15 2016

5 Benefits of Open Source Software for Businesses

There are a number of reasons open source software works but one of the main reasons is the community of people. As an example, Drupal has more than 100,000 people around the world actively  contributing to the software. To compare, Microsoft has approximately 114,000 employees. But what does open source really mean? 

Nov 8 2016

Content Really Can Help Smaller Brands Compete

While ecommerce as a practice may feel mature, we’re still just getting started. Remember just a few years ago? Early ecommerce sites were met with skepticism. The process of buying online was interesting and novel and a few hearty souls took the risk. The brands that were successful made buying from a virtual catalog easy.

Oct 31 2016

Content + Commerce: Preparing for 2017 with a Look at 2016 Trends

The trend has been heading this way for a while. Content can help drive commerce. Storytelling is good for business. Now it even has a common name — or many names. Content-driven commerce. Content commerce. Storytelling commerce.

At the end of the day, though, the goal of combining content and commerce is the same. Stories enable people to relate, and relating to a product or a service makes that item easier to sell.


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