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Jul 5 2016

6 Great Examples of Content-Driven eCommerce in the Outdoor Industry

Storytelling has long been a way for humans to connect. It's a powerful marketing tool and companies in the ecommerce space have been finding ways to tap into the strength of storytelling to reach customers. Whether you refer to it as content-driven commerce, content marketing, or story-based commerce, good stories are at the heart of the connection process. 

Customer Touchpoints - What's in the Packaging

There are many points along the customer journey with your company where the customer has the opportunity to interact with your brand, whether it’s a light touchpoint (like glancing at your logo or an ad) or something more substantial, like visiting a store, buying their first product, or calling your company. Ideally, you’ve spent time thinking through the main ways a customer may find you, and you’ve engineered that meeting to impress your message on the customer. 

May 5 2016

Independent Validation

Bluespark was excited to discover that we were just named one of 2016's Best Drupal Developers and Best eCommerce Developers by Clutch, an independent review company. 

May 3 2016

The Art of Sketching before Wireframing. OK, it’s not really Art!

The Bluespark Design Process - PART 1

So you’ve got a great idea. Spent months thinking about it. Sold the idea to internally key stakeholders. Grabbed the attention of the right people, organized a team and managed to get funding. You’ve selected your agency and have gone through a discovery process and are ready to design out the idea. Now what?

Apr 28 2016

DrupalCon 2016: New Orleans: Small Talks

Universities and libraries will be the focus this year in a couple focus talks we are hosting at our booth this year. We'll be highlighting some great ways to get buy-in from multiple stakeholders, ways to reduce the cost of user testing, and tips on bringing a digital library online. Add these short coffee talks to your calendar!

Apr 18 2016

DrupalCon 2016: New Orleans

DrupalCon New Orleans will be in May this year. The Bluespark team is excited to be participating in a number of ways, and we are bringing some fun with us - including some sweet prizes!


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