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Lauren Seaton
Marketing Strategist
Fort Collins, CO

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Lauren was an artist first and a writer second. For her, marketing came much later.

“I’ve always worked visually, even when writing. For me, marketing is no different,” Lauren says. “I process everything – ideas, procedure, strategy – in pictures."

A passion for communication has driven Lauren to pay attention to why we make certain decisions, how we relate to one another, and what role empathy plays in all of it.

Growing up in a musical family, surrounded by violins, clarinets, pianos, piles of sheet music and plenty of Beethoven, Lauren learned from a young age that communication comes in all forms. While she strayed from the music world in high school (shortly after her parents bought her a new violin), she found great passion in working with paint and charcoal.

While attending college in upstate New York she expanded her understanding of cross-cultural communication while studying in Ecuador, Peru, and Italy.

Having grown up in New Hampshire, Lauren moved to Vail, Colorado after college and embarked on a career in hospitality management with the Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company. There she fine-tuned her customer service (and skiing) acumen. In 2008, she returned to her previous professional interests and attended graduate school for journalism in Boulder, where she focused on digital media, storytelling, and photojournalism.

Professionally, Lauren has executed marketing and communications strategies for higher education, software development and consulting firms and brings to Bluespark a deep experience with multimedia, strategy, and execution. She currently leads Bluespark’s marketing and branding efforts.

"I’ve always worked visually, even when writing. For me, marketing is no different. I process everything – ideas, procedure, strategy – in pictures."

She is also an enthusiastic volunteer with Boulder Startup Week and an active member of the Leeds School of Business’ Professional Mentorship Program at CU-Boulder, where she mentors undergraduate business students.

Outside of the “office,” Lauren enjoys the typical Colorado activities  – hiking, skiing, playing soccer, drinking craft beer, photography, and traveling. She misses New England’s apple picking season and the ocean but has otherwise made Colorado home with her husband, Chris, and two dogs, Milo and Hugo.