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Jennifer Knox

Jennifer Knox

QA and Support Manager | Connecticut, United States

"I enjoy the collaboration. I enjoy working with people that bring different talents and perspectives to a project."

About Jennifer

Jennifer's relationship with Bluespark started differently than most. She used to be a client. 

Working on TripAdvisor Insight's marketing team, she collaborated closely with Bluespark to ensure TripAdvisor's CMS upgrade, and subsequent redesign, was a success. She brings this valuable client perspective to the Bluespark team. 

Jennifer grew up in central Illinois. More specifically, in Normal, a town referenced in Ben Folds Five album, "Way to Normal" and known as the home of Steak n' Shake. 

She attended college in her home state and was initially interested in a slightly romanticized career as an investigative reporter before she realized that journalism could be more than reporting.

"Someone actually has to design this stuff," she thought. And that's when she got into layout and design, working for various newspapers and magazine publications, including the Arizona Republic. But when her husband landed a job at the Boston Globe — and with journalism in transition — she decided it was time to make a change. 

Boston brought a about a new chapter for Jennifer, working with Custom Learning Designs and then TripAdvisor. In her role with the TripAdvisor Insights' marketing department, she largely focused on project management and quality assurance.   

"I always kind of had my foot in IT," she said. "Now I'm coming back over to the IT and web development side."

Building websites and managing projects with colleagues and clients who have different strengths, gets Jennifer excited. She loves the whole process — from the very initial planning, to development, to launching on time — and knowing the end product is sometimes different and even better than what was initially designed. 

"I enjoy the collaboration," she said. "I enjoy working with people that bring different talents and perspectives to a project. Collaboration is what turns a spark into a flame."

Jennifer lives in Hartford, Connecticut with her husband and two children. In her leisure time, she's mastering her grandmother's chocolate chip cookie recipe. 

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