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Daniel Paul
VP, Sales
Boulder, CO

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Daniel is an enthusiast. He's enthusiastic about digital technology, his family, business, and the Denver Broncos. 

Daniel is also a connector. He looks for angles and relationships and the best ways for people and products to relate to one another. These characteristics align well with Bluespark's authentic approach to building business relationships.  

Growing up in Denver, Colorado, Daniel attended the University of Colorado Boulder before finding new opportunities farther west. For eight years — beginning in 1984 — Daniel worked at Apple, Inc., heading up the Entertainment Marketing Group. It was the era of the Macintosh computer line, John Sculley, and early domain names (Apple.com registered in 1987).

"We did a lot of exciting things at Apple, but one that stands out is when we launched the Apple Filmmakers Lab to introduce filmmakers to digital technology," Daniel says. "It was at a time when tech was just taking off so it was fun to see people who had never approached tech do great things."

As a tech enthusiast and early digital adopter, this was the time and the place to impact the growth of technology and innovation. And it set the ball rolling for a future in marketing, technology, and business development. "I like to solve problems," Daniel says. "Listening to what someone wants to achieve and then wowing them with the delivery of a great solution — I enjoy that."

"I like to solve problems. Listening to what someone wants to achieve and then wowing them with the delivery of a great solution — I enjoy that."

Daniel spent equally engaging stints at Turner Broadcasting, Liveworld, and Disney Interactive Media before returning to his home state of Colorado. Combining several decades of experience in marketing, technology, and business development, he brings great depth and experience to the Bluespark team. 

In his free time, you will find Daniel cheering on the various Colorado sports teams with his wife and three kids. But he is adamant there will be no consumption of hot dogs, American cheese, or mayonnaise. Those items are off the table.