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Our Expedition Further into World of B2B Ecommerce

It started simply.

I was looking for a way to discover more and learn more about all things ecommerce in the outdoor retail space. Who better to talk to than the ecommerce experts?

As I pinned "education" and "listening" as two important components of this not yet fully defined project, I honed in the B2B customer journey. The relationships between brands and retailers is a crucial one. 

As a development agency, we've had experience helping companies like Obermeyer and StickerGiant improve and integrate the entire B2B experience. But there's a whole world out there of outdoor brands that are negotiating and managing and prioritizing and stumbling over how do all the B2B stuff well. 

This project, this series, is meant to be a collection of experiences about the B2B journey. It will likely morph as conversations are had and ideas are generated. But for now, the goals are simple. 

Ask good questions, listen carefully, and provide a story collection for all to access. Welcome to the Expedition series. 

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Lauren was an artist first and a writer second. For her, marketing came much later.

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