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three motorcycles on the side of the road

Long Way to BBQ: Day 4-5

Weaving their way from Amarillo, Texas and back into New Mexico, Michael, Greg, and Brett took some extra time in Santa Fe before heading north to Pagosa Springs, Colorado.

They continued enjoying huevos rancheros with green chile sauce along the way. 

Most beautiful: Route 64 to 14 that runs through Chama in northern New Mexico. It was lush and colorful and a vibrant change from some of the desert riding the crew had been doing. 

Best meal/restaurant: While most of the stops they made were quick and accessible roadside restaurants, Santa Fe delivered some excellent meals, including duck confit, sweet tamale with corn silk ice cream, and of course, more huevos rancheros. 


Michael Tucker in his motorcycle gear in Route 66 gas station


Cafe near Santa Fe, New Mexico


Black and white handmade pottery


Yellow Volkswagen vanagon


Greg Bannister holding up a bottle of wine in Santa Fe restaurant.


Duck confit with house made corn tortillas, mole amarillo, and charred corn.


Cows crossing the road in Colorado


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