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Exterior of The Big Texan Steak Ranch in Amarillo, Texas

Long Way to BBQ: Day 1-3

Michael, Greg, and Brett hit the road on Wednesday, July 18. They made their way from Aspen, over Independence Pass, and south passed Royal Gorge. Day two took them through Trinidad, Colorado, Raton, Capulin, Volcano, and Clayton, New Mexico and on to Amarillo, Texas. 

Most unexpected: Mechanical trouble. Greg ended up needing a new battery. The team eventually found a auto store that stocked the right battery for his bike. In between, there were some jumps.   

Most beautiful: Too many places to count. Cadillac Ranch might not have been the "most beautiful" but it was pretty unique. 

Best meal/restaurant: Had to turn down the steak challenge at The Big Texan but the steak was good. There have been some good huevos rancheros along the way. The singing waiter at Rino's Restaurant in Trinidad, Colorado was pretty amazing (Sweet Caroline was the hit song of the night). 

Three motorcycles and their drivers in front of sign on Independence Pass near Aspen, Colorado.
Brett Anderson, Greg Bannister, and Michael Tucker at 12,000 feet on Independence Pass, Colorado. 
Royal Gorge, Colorado
Royal Gorge, Colorado. 
Motorcyle getting a jump from truck in gas station parking lot
Before Greg found a new battery. 
Greg and Brett standing in the "jail" at The Big Texan restaurant.
Things got a little rough in Amarillo, Texas for Greg and Brett. 
Close up of huevos rancheros
Breakfast along Route 66 in Texas. 
Spray painted cars stuck in the ground at Cadillac Ranch, Texas.
Michael enjoying the view at Cadillac Ranch in Texas. 


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