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May 3 2016

The Art of Sketching before Wireframing. OK, it’s not really Art!

The Bluespark Design Process - PART 1

So you’ve got a great idea. Spent months thinking about it. Sold the idea to internally key stakeholders. Grabbed the attention of the right people, organized a team and managed to get funding. You’ve selected your agency and have gone through a discovery process and are ready to design out the idea. Now what?

Apr 28 2016

DrupalCon 2016: New Orleans: Small Talks

Universities and libraries will be the focus this year in a couple focus talks we are hosting at our booth this year. We'll be highlighting some great ways to get buy-in from multiple stakeholders, ways to reduce the cost of user testing, and tips on bringing a digital library online. Add these short coffee talks to your calendar!

Apr 18 2016

DrupalCon 2016: New Orleans

DrupalCon New Orleans will be in May this year. The Bluespark team is excited to be participating in a number of ways, and we are bringing some fun with us - including some sweet prizes!

Mar 9 2016

The Case for Consolidating Web Technologies

Sometimes the smartest thing we can do isn't the thing we've always done. There are moments in a business’s life cycle when it’s time to step back and consider the costs of keeping things like they are right now. What is the true cost of not innovating? Is it only in dollars and cents, or are there other factors to consider? 


Jan 22 2015

Start your content + commerce revolution

Shifting to a content-driven commerce focus is a daunting challenge.

Whether you are a media company adding commerce to your site or a retail site wanting to add richer editorial, there are very different skillsets required to sell product versus those needed for writing and curating content. How do you successfully blend these skillsets — much less these seemingly disparate websites — into a single, cohesive whole?

It ain’t easy, but it’s worth it.

Jan 14 2015

5 Technologies to focus on in 2015

Last year we wrote about 5 technologies to focus on in 2014. Now in 2015 we see new opportunities.

In keeping with the best of yearly traditions, we follow up here with the 5 technologies worth your attention in 2015. These are not bleeding edge technologies. Rather, these are technologies or platforms or ideas that are starting to mature and are worth investing your time and getting ahead of the curve.

Content or Commerce? Who's the boss?

Selling online is easy, right?

Get a shopping cart and a merchant account, and... Done! Well, hold on a bit. You’ll want discount codes and special offers. You want to accept Paypal, too. Probably need to add bundles. And maybe you should list your products on Amazon’s storefront? Channel diversity is good, right? Speaking of Amazon, can we make our shopping cart work exactly like theirs?

Dec 18 2014

Failure to Launch

We’ve all been there. The clock is ticking down to launch and the issues keep mounting.

Some issues are launch critical, but many of them could wait until after the site has been launched. Some are new features disguised as bugs. All of them, though, will delay the launch. And no matter where you sit on the project team, not launching on a deadline that you know you can meet can be extremely frustrating—especially when those delays can last months or even years. (Yes, I said years!)

Dec 12 2014

10 Challenges You Face when Designing for Library Locations

University Libraries face many challenges. One of them is connecting their physical space to the digital space. Libraries are often spread across many buildings all over the campus and the people that work at the different libraries often have very different ideas about how their library should be represented on the Web. In this post, we address ten challenges University Libraries face when taking their libraries online.


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