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Bluespark Welcomes New Senior Developer and Strategist

Bluespark is excited to welcome John Gleisner as a senior developer and technical strategist. Here's a little more about John!

In the late '90s, while selling dial-up Internet service, he started making websites in his downtime. His first was a tribute to singer Jeff Buckley. As a working musician (free improvisation to heavy metal and everything in-between), the subject matter made sense.  

"It helped me make connections with people all over the world, and I realized that I'd found a completely new way to interact with people I'd otherwise have never known," John says.

After getting a glimpse of this new technology space, John made the career shift to web development and technical management, working for a variety of leading technical and consulting agencies, including Fiserv, SafeNet, and Laughlin. He brings more than 20 years of full stack development experience to Bluespark. 

As a creative thinker and problem-solver, John loves being part of the tech community because it has come to underpin the structures of modern civilization.  

"It's a huge collection of responsibilities in an area humanity is just beginning to understand. For good or ill, we are at the cusp of a new information age. How we approach the information we're entrusted with will have consequences in the years to come."

One of John's favorite projects was a full site build for a local radio station. It allowed him to immerse himself in music and musicians, and help create a platform for local activism and community outreach. In his words, it was a "perfect example of how a site can be designed for one set of actions and become something completely different once the visiting public gets a chance to see it." 

John lives just outside of Milwaukee with his wife, daughter, son, two (idiot) dogs, two gerbils, a hamster, a leopard gecko ... plus the occasional toad.

In between providing animal and child care, he restores old cars and helps his wife raise monarch butterflies. The cars, technology, family, music, and butterflies all lend a creative balance to John's life.

"I love thinking around corners, and solving difficult problems in creative ways is completely fascinating to me. I love running with an idea and seeing it work better than I'd intended."

What else is there to know? John admits he probably eats too much cheese (but he's from Wisconsin, so we're not too concerned).

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