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Nov 8 2016

Content Really Can Help Smaller Brands Compete

While ecommerce as a practice may feel mature, we’re still just getting started. Remember just a few years ago? Early ecommerce sites were met with skepticism. The process of buying online was interesting and novel and a few hearty souls took the risk. The brands that were successful made buying from a virtual catalog easy.

Oct 31 2016

Content + Commerce: Preparing for 2017 with a Look at 2016 Trends

The trend has been heading this way for a while. Content can help drive commerce. Storytelling is good for business. Now it even has a common name — or many names. Content-driven commerce. Content commerce. Storytelling commerce.

At the end of the day, though, the goal of combining content and commerce is the same. Stories enable people to relate, and relating to a product or a service makes that item easier to sell.

Aug 17 2016

Building the Best Site for B2B Ecommerce

The B2B and B2C buying processes are different, and they’re often not created equal. Retail companies sometimes offer a great digital shopping experience for their consumers and a secondary — and less suitable — option for their wholesalers.

Jul 5 2016

6 Great Examples of Content-Driven Ecommerce in the Outdoor Industry

Storytelling has long been a way for humans to connect. It's a powerful marketing tool and companies in the ecommerce space have been finding ways to tap into the strength of storytelling to reach customers. Whether you refer to it as content-driven commerce, content marketing, or story-based commerce, good stories are at the heart of the connection process. 

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