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Dec 12 2014

10 Challenges You Face when Designing for Library Locations

University Libraries face many challenges. One of them is connecting their physical space to the digital space. Libraries are often spread across many buildings all over the campus and the people that work at the different libraries often have very different ideas about how their library should be represented on the Web. In this post, we address ten challenges University Libraries face when taking their libraries online.

Nov 8 2014

BADCamp Drupal Higher Education Summit - Stories of rapid adaption and the challenges of standardization at scale

Attending the Higher Education Summit at the 2014 Bay Area Drupal Camp was a great experience. We work with several higher education institutions and are acutely aware of the very specific challenges these organizations face. The summit improved our understanding of the issues and helped them coalesce around a few key overarching concerns: standardization, adaption and scalability.

Oct 30 2014

Follow the readiness of the top 100 modules for Drupal 8 with our automatically updated tool

With the first Drupal 8 beta having been released at Drupalcon Amsterdam, we thought this would be a good time to take a look at the top 100 projects on to see just how far along the line the process of preparing for Drupal 8 is. However, given that there's a lot of progress to be made and I don't feel like manually updating a long list of modules, I decided to make a small tool to get the status of these modules and keep the data up to date.

Uninstalling and purging field modules all at once

Sometimes we want to uninstall a module from our Drupal site but we can't do it because we get this dependency: "Required by: Drupal (Field type(s) in use - see Field list)". Even if you delete the fields provided by the module via the UI or programmatically by executing field_delete_field() function, you will get a new dependency "Required by: Drupal (Fields pending deletion)".

To avoid such situations and regain control, you can perform all these tasks in a hook_update_N() function, forcing the deletion of all the information and finally uninstalling the module.

Sep 19 2014

Removing traces from our repository history

In our daily work we all make mistakes in our git commits. Sometimes this errors can easily be repaired just by reverting our commits. But if we are working in a public repository and we have accidentally pushed some sensitive information, we now have a problem.

BFG Repo-Cleaner provides a faster and easier way to clean git repositories that will save your day.

Roomify Update: Build your own Airbnb with Drupal

The latest update of the Rooms module, which powers Roomify, just got one of the most asked-for features!

It is now possible for individual users to manage just their own group of bookable units (Rooms-speak for a single unit that can be rented out) while administrators can have a more global view across multiple properties and all bookable units.


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