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Roomify Update: Build you own Airbnb with Drupal

The latest update of the Rooms module, which powers Roomify, just got one of the most asked-for features!

It is now possible for individual users to manage just their own group of bookable units (Rooms-speak for a single unit that can be rented out) while administrators can have a more global view across multiple properties and all bookable units.

New JavaScript libraries in Drupal 8

A few new JavaScript libraries have made their way into Drupal 8 core code, the same way jQuery once did. This blog post examines the reasoning behind each inclusion, and explains how they are intended to be used.

5 Web Technologies You Cannot Ignore in 2014

This is not a post about 5 cutting-edge technologies that may become relevant in 2014. This is a post about 5 technologies that are ready to be applied to your site today. However, not enough people are taking advantage of them and, most importantly, you simply cannot afford to ignore them any longer.

Drupal D7 Taxonomy Cleanup of Orphaned terms

      I recently had a need at work to do some cleanup of a taxonomy vocabulary. The problem stemmed from messy data in a spreadsheet, that would be the source for an ongoing feeds import. This meant that I needed to provide a solution that allowed the clients to: 


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